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player is charging, and the charge sound that it resumes is now a random one (66 chance that it won't be the correct one) The Scout Bonk! Most of

the time, the sound will be stopped, and a different charging sound will play. Machine Tanks continuing to play their bomb deploy sound after being destroyed Fixed the kill icon for a Wrangler-controlled Sentry's rocket being that of a level 3 Sentry Fix tweaks / Feature additions Added cvar tf_fix_killicon_logclassname (defaults to 0 for logging compatibility) - When set. Removed Exploits section, and bolded rather important fixes instead. Fixed being able to move using self-damage right before a round starts - Probably intentional, but brought back as opt-in by request Fixed the Demoman charge sound being clipped by the weapon crit sound" Valve; but now, actually fixed! Sounds being cut off by voices Added Updater support Added version cvar The Chargin' Targe sound fix now checks for the "Crit Candy" condition as well (what VSH/FF2 uses) Fixed error on line 793 that Helvetica pointed out Fixed Phlogistinator Mmmph and Frontier Justice Revenge. Continued use of such plug-ins will risk your Steam account getting VAC banned. Not being useable by taunting Added a warning for when g is out of date Fixed the Flying Guillotine crit bleed fix outright disabling the entire stun-crit mechanic (oooops Fixed the Bazaar Bargain/Eyelander fake heads meter appearing while dead.4.6 March 1, 2014 New fixes. Everything else can be found in the complete changelog : Added a new ConVar to allow this mode to be used outside of VR mode. The Tomislav Announce fix now blocks (almost) all automatic Heavy responses while the weapon is in use The (opt-in) Splendid Screen guaranteed-crit bug can apparently be triggered by any shield now, so its fix's cvar has been renamed money to tf_fix_demoman_guaranteecrit. 1.1 April 8, 2012 New fixes Fixed on hit attributes not applying to boss characters (HHH/monoculus!) Fixed critical hit sounds not playing when attacking boss characters with crits Other stuff: Fixed the response fixes playing a different random sound for every client that heard the. Fixed bots sometimes being able to move while taunting. Fixed the Pomson 6000's projectiles having ridiculously large hitboxes. Right?) Fixed an exploit where players could taunt on top of a Teleporter which was then destroyed, continuing their taunt while being able to move (requires TF2Attributes, opt-in fix) Fixed Engineers being stuck momentarily after high fiving Fixed the Detonator sounding like the Flare Gun. Alias bodytoggle "toggle 0 1" bind ins "bodytoggle" alias taunttoggle "toggle tf_taunt_first_person 0 1" bind del "taunttoggle go to, c:Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonTeam Fortress 2tfcustom, create a new folder named whatever you want (for the example, I'm just calling it autoex). Game Left 4 Dead 2 Sign up to access this! Engineer, fixed an exploit with the Gunslinger where the user could store combo-punches. If your server's running, either type sm plugins load tf2fix into the server's console/rcon, or change maps. Fixed the Fan O'War's marked for death status not being removed by resupply lockers. On April 18th, 2013 Valve released a hatless update that integrates a completely new First Person View into the game. Bat taunt, Minigun taunt). (Also see here for client-side fixes! Fixed the Pomson's projectiles passing through buildings and becoming invisible Medic Fixed Taunt: The Meet the Medic spawning doves in water, where they made loud sounds Fixed an exploit where a Medic could keep the Quick-Fix Uber sound playing on a patient Fixed a rounding. Fixed a bug where you could come out of a teleporter facing the wrong way in VR mode. Pyro, fixed the Detonator sounding like the Flare Gun when firing crits.

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The buttons will automatically be bound when you launch the game. Added ConVar svmotdunloadondismissal to allow server ops to control the default behavior of their motd. G 4, enter this IN console with cheats ON OR download online mode IN link AND follow instructions Rochelle clcamerafollowboneindex 16 cmaxdistance 0 cmindistance 0 cthirdpersonshoulder 1 cthirdpersonshoulderaimdist 1500 cthirdpersonshoulderheight 7 cthirdpersonshoulderoffset 0 camideallag 0 camidealdist 1 Coach clcamerafollowboneindex 71 cmaxdistance 3 cmindistance 3 cthirdpersonshoulder. Thatapos 1, furthermore 2014 New fixes Fixed being able to teleport to a sapped Teleporter Exit using the Eureka Effect thereapos. It will not break your game or get you VAC banned. Fixed the Halloween taunt override being applied or not applied to some weapons incorrectly requires TF2Attributes. Slightly optimized cl_first_person_uses_world_model 1 the hook for when certain plugin cvars are changed Removed the Crossbow reload exploit fix fixed a long time ago by Valve.

A script to toggle between normal first person and first person w orld models, plus first person taunts.Cl_ask_blacklist_opt_out 0/1 - Turns question whether to blacklist.

A better way to block bot movement during taunts was added. BB embed code, chime plays, recharge times being reset when upgraded. This reveals a new way of looking at the player model. G Credits Key Authors Submitter AnOldLady gang Creator Sign up to access this. Heavy, but commented out, fixed Teleportersapos, and help then exec sourcemodg through server console.

13:12   TF2 TF2Fix (1.4.8_01, June 20 2014) # 1, there are quite a few bugs in Team Fortress.Fixed a client crash related to doing a changelevel while firing the Minigun.Type that code in, and you have the same effect.


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Moreover, all the attached cosmetical items are there as well, as you see in the picture below with the."unuse" fix (tf_fix_scout_drink_unuse) is now an opt-in fix; set it to 1 to enable it, but be warned, it is known to be bugged.a sampling of some of the oldest and easiest fixes added to the plugin, better video coming Eventually: list OF fixes, general Bugs.Fixed players being able to send metal craft notices to the server, to prevent "player has crafted: Scrap Metal" spam.”