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falling down to her stomach and belly. She cupped a breast with her right hand and brought it close to my face. I could see her cheek working as

she sucked. "Yes, Lyle, yes." She reached up toward me with both arms, her eyes fixed on the rigid cock that jutted out at a right angle to my body. Then with an explosive burst Kim's voice was released again, and she shouted " I Oh! Usually, all it takes is for her to be-you know-sucked on a lot over the course of a month or two." "I di- didn't know that I said. "Thank you again, Lyle she said with a sleepy smile. The first spurt went straight up the midline of Kimberly's face, laying a cord of jism from the tip of her cute little nose, between her eyes, up along her forehead and into her hair. Start now, watch this exclusive video only on pornhub premium. It's so nice to hear someone say that." Kim's face lit up with genuine gratitude. "I was out doing some errands, so I thought I'd stop." She slipped past me, download heading toward the living room. She talked about having a guy-I'm not sure who she was talking about, but I don't think it was Gary-about having a guy suck on her tits while they were having sex. Suck my milk and fuck me at the same time." So I hunched my back and took the offered breast into my mouth, closing my lips on it and sucking, and once again I felt and tasted the sweet warm milk in my mouth. I think I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. She's always been something of a workout fiend, and she got her figure back quickly after her pregnancy. She looked at me, all doe-eyed innocence. "Only because you're looking especially sexy tonight I said. Her shoulder-length red hair was fanned out around her head. That sort of thing com can make a guy tongue-tied when he's not expecting. "It felt I so /I good when you were fucking me and sucking my tit at the same time. Kim reached up behind her to gather some of the quilt under her head as a pillow.

Free lactation sex stories

We left the nursery, why thank you, s good. Look that initially made it hard for me to take her women seeking men in mn seriously. But now she was at least a D cup.

And yo" d kicked her shoes off at some point. So she was completely naked except for the short skirt that flared out from her trim waist. Her breath loud and raspy, and after I fumbled my hand under the fabric my palm cupped over a soft patch of pubic hair and a warm pussy. S any chance nonton personal taste sub indo online of that I groused.

The fine jets of the fountain-like spray reached up to a lesser and lesser height, then became a dribbling flow, and finally only oozing droplets.I The warmth of Kim's body /I, I thought.


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"Here, you finish."Well, I had a secret weapon, didn't I?Kim took a deep breath and looked.”