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History at the University of Amsterdam and as a social historian Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world, because it is a city with religious freedom

tolerance, pragmatism and a unique society from the very beginning. Around Amsterdam To fully experience Amsterdam, be with sure to head out beyond the borders of the city centre and explore the Amsterdam Area. Being sandwiched between Belgium and Germany, it would be sort of weird (not to mention: a total waste) if the Dutch didnt get passionate about every decent monks favorite beverage. Also check the video about how to find. It is a great place to hang out, don't let the language barrier prevent you from going, dance is in itself a universal language. It is our old city guide but this historical highlight has had a lot of different functions over the years. For some stupid reason it is not possible yet to cancel video your self. Check our Free walking tour in Rotterdam Festivals in Amsterdam April - Kings day King's Day (used to be Queen's Day) festivities invite locals and visitors alike to soak up Amsterdam's open-air fun. One of these gems is a small alley that exhibits 15 huge paintings from the 17th e alley is situated right in the centre of Amsterdam and the paintings portrays the city guard from that time period. Space cakes and cookies are an option for the non smokers. The Alternative tour is a little less than 5 kilometers about 2,7 miles. Stroll past the bakery museum and enjoy the smell of fresh bread, or take a look at the warehouse where clogs are made. Here are some weather facts: The months July and August have nice weather with a good average temperatures. On the 5th of May we celebrate our peace with music festivals all around the country! Start small, take the time for. Canal Belt Area In Dutch known as the Grachtengordel impossible to pronounce if you are not Dutch!

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You are welcome to bring the stroller along.The biggest crime in Amsterdam is tax evasion but that wont bother you!The famous Westfloat and other Trappist beers are served here.”