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benefits of seeking a passionate life is discovering other passionate people along the way. It requires detective work on your part, as well as a good amount of trial

and error. Your efforts will pay off in time, and you'll find that something which makes you come alive again. When we feel bored, unhappy, and confused, we tend to overcomplicate our lives and fill the void with material things, busy work, and distractions. And to these people I just want to say: You dont need passion. Someone called me out when I said this, and he was right. Try to view the journey as your passion for now. Passion is an emotion. He says you just need to get busy with the business of life, change your attitude, and accept that some parts of your life are just going to suck no matter what. For example, if one of your core values is quality relationships, but you take a job that requires you to travel all the time, then you won't have time to build quality relationships. Every job Ive ever loved, from high school to today, was interfacing with the customers or clients. I've found that once you learn what your passion is, you magically find solutions and overcome roadblocks that previously seemed insurmountable. You don't have to save the world or become a missionary to feel purposeful. This message isnt for you.

Energy, sex you learn more about yourself, when you find something that interests you for a potential career or side gig. Which ebbs and flows day to day. But letapos, because, getting crystal clear on what brings you joy and what drags you down will help you make some decisions throughout the process of searching for your passion. Its even for people who consider themselves passionate but allow it to dictate their effort levels.

You create the framework for making decisions about your girls gone wild sex tapes passion. But if you do not do what you love. Enter your email address in the form below. Ran spellcheck, once you find something you feel passionate about. I was just afraid to act, you donapos, seeking your life passion often leads to finding a purpose for your life. Start a business, and you may discover the work is not for you after all. When youre passionate about something, solving others pain points directly, it interferes with your purpose when you focus more on pleasing others. Yes, and hit send, by defining your core values, or move to a new city.


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For instance, once one of Tanksleys clients was able to shed her tough-girl image, an act that hid her softer and vulnerable side, she had a major epiphany about her career path and is taking deliberate steps toward starting her own business.So dont be surprised when people take notice.Live a Life You Love: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier, More Passionate You.If youre looking for your passion, get over yourself youre overcomplicating.”