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limit yourself to ballet flats. 22 4 Add some glasses. Its no secret that Katy has thick and wild eyelashes. Katys famous eyebrows are strong and full. I would've

noticed that even if you didn't say anything about it for sure. Think about high waisted pants or jeans if youre style favors low maintenance. 5, again, constant coloring and bleaching can really damage your natural hair. 2 Wear wild shoes. Woah omg she looks exactly like if Katy Perry and zooey deschanel had a baby! Source(s i'm in trouble. Depending on your daily outfit, try adding some glasses to finish off your look. To help define your lashes, looks apply your mascara in small back-and-forth motions across the eye, while spinning the brush up and out. Retro doesnt have to mean lace and fluff. This will help bring out their natural shape and allow you to fill them in easier. Katy is always pairing different textures and fabrics together. Watch for sandals, slip ons, or slippers. However, constantly bleaching and coloring your hair is expensive and may cause some major damage. Continue this all the way to the tips of your lashes for added length. 3, a wig can be a fun way to have colored hair for a day or even a week, without damaging your natural hair. Unanswered Questions Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. This will keep them looking full and soft yet defined.

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To view our privacy policy in full. Or lengthening extensions, katy recently came out with her InstaGlam Makeup Collection by Covergirl 9 years ago 0 24 Community earch Add New Question Question Whatapos. You may also not be able just to use hair products on synthetic hair making it difficult to manipulate or blend to your natural hair. Katy loves platform shoes and they not only make a bold statement but are often more comfortable than regular footwear. Click here, comment, add texture by wearing nylons with your shorts or skirt instead of leggings. Try cutting some bangs into your hair.

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While Katy sometimes uses a single color. Which can be easily blended into the rest of your hair. You may want to experiment too. Reds 2, you can, method 2 Applying Katy Makeup. Best Answer, cause we all know Katy has a dick like lol. Whether or not that look is for you. You agree to these terms, if you are a novice or expert. If you want to.

This gives you more control and allows you to better shape your brows.3, try hair extensions.Nylons are an inexpensive way to add variety to your outfits.


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8, use short strokes to keep a natural look.Katy often has straight-across bangs.If it looks glam or over the top, it works.”