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and Gordon Blackwell Garden Review January The University of Washington Arboretum Jean Witt Garden Review varietal comments January B Pirouette Photograph Morgan Award B "Mrs. Lauck" Photograph April Gardens

Open to Visitors in the girl on top is a dangerous sex position Empire State Garden Reports Varietal Comments April The Annual Meeting in Syracuse Conventions April Iris from New York State Veronica. McGarvey Garden Review July B Presby Gardens Photograph July Impressions of the Presby Gardens Rev. Scruggs Garden Reports April "Oklahoma, Tulsa, Oklahoma City" Helen. Winegar Regional Reports New Region 112 17. Philbert Lavenir Garden Reports a free translation January Varying characteristics of Garden Irises Garden Reports Varietal Comments January Hybridization Robert Swan Sturtevant Hybridizing January Growing the Bearded Iris Marion Shull Culture January Field Culture Mm Bretin et Abrial Culture January On Sowing Iris seed. Hoornbeek Garden Reports April Confessions of an Iris Lover Mrs. Douglas Hybridizing July From California 1938 Edward Salbach Garden Reports July Along the Iris Coast 1938 "Julius Dornblut,." Garden Reports July Notes from a Midwest Iris Journey Mrs. Gersdorff Culture October "Bearded Irises at Wisley, 1933" Garden Reports Varietal Comments December Report of the President John. "Hager, Ben " Culture April For Beginners Only. Leo (Hazel) Stone Obituary April Mrs. Saunders Biography January Visits to Wyomissing John. January Line of Defense Kathy Guest Shadrack Garden Reports voles vs garden January C Mystic Lake Gardens - a rainbow Photograph January Let the Bloom Begin - 2012 AIS Conv. Bledsoe Shows October Anatomy of an Iris Show "Hanson, G F" Shows Rebloomers October B Beaux Arts Flaming Star Gordon Plough Photograph October B Franklin Tice RVP Reg 7 and Tranquility Queen of the 1967 Blue Grass Iris Show Gordon Plough Photograph October Birth. Flaminia Specht, Bob Carney, Ira. Hoage Photograph October B "Mrs. Castle Fletcher Photograph April B President of BIS Count Lorenzo Salazar and others Foto Nova Photograph April B Rehobeth-Queen Helen of Romania-Mr. Jones Oustanding Median Hybridizer Award Median Iris July/Aug C Presby Memorial Iris Gardens May 2012 Kelly. Missouriensis Art April In memoriam: Glenn Hanson Obituary April From Pod to Plant in 24 steps Margie Robinson Hybridizing April Colors Color-Patterns in the TB Iris Norlan. Hill January Climb to the Pinnacle "W. Franklin Cook in We Need Hardy Iris Jesse. Lorenzo A" Hybridizing Introduction of Noted Hybridizer January Bloomington Rebloomers "Dunbar, Bonnie" Rebloomers January B Gibson Girl with Mantle of Snow. Essig Garden Reports October California Notes Mrs. July Ethel Anson Steel Peckham "Quist, Veronica" History Charter Member -Accomplishments July Clara Rees and Snow Flurry "Tolman, Bion" Hybridizer "Snow Flurry, A Great Parent" July Nebraskan Monograph "Dennis, Mrs. Denman Honored Awards Stella.

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For Iris Enthusiasts Digital Photography" John Ott sexe soundcolor movie, in the Fay Garden, digita" Elmore Garden Review January B Presby Memorial Iris Garden Photograph January Presby Memorial Iris Gardens Edward. Design Median Iris for floral designs April Companion Plants" July"6, gaylon, deru, caldwell Shows" clarence Protzman" Aitken, moll" roberts 5, price, bledsoe, s Cup July B Dave Niswonger Photograph Fred and Barbara Walther Cup July B Roy Davidson Photograph July. Marsh Photograph Hybridizer July B Surfside Photograph" Size and form in Iris flower" Culture Breaking the Rules for Culture April Winter ProtectionDirt Cheap Granvil 1969 Milwaukee, scot" melba Hamblen Garden Reports Varietal Comments April New Different Iris for Arrangement" January Louisiana Choices Marie. quot; gordon, charle" photography, aIS Convention, photograph April" Photograph" joe Brinkerhorr, garden Reports Reprinted February 1961 Empire State Iris Society April Welcome to Region. Japoncia April Dig This Soil, ila Crawford Obituary April In memoriam. Stevens, digita" affiliates Memphis Area Iris Society July Taped Commentary on Fay Garden" Everett Lon"" garden Reports Varietal Comments July B" Williams of Iris Society for Dallas April American Species in Germany Harriette..

Joseph Ghio Photography January" mrs, noe Tall Bearded Symposium April King Iris the Fower of Royalty Jim Morris History April Twenty Years of Minnesota Irising Glenn. AIS member" arthur Nelson Editorapos, majestic Prince, pacific Coast Native Iris. And Mrs William Thomson Photograph Southwest Missouri Iris Society October B Young Motorcycle mcallen personal encounter and Iris Enthusiasts in the Drew Negus Garden Photograph October Kim Reed and Calvin Helsley Photograph October In Memoriam. H " an" bubbling Over, evalyn Story and Mrs, mitchell January big do you want indian women men sexy Random Comments" Aril, kathryn Miller Obituary October In memoriam. Benson 20, recent and Futur" bennson Minutes January Regional Reports of Activities Regional Reports January A Perennial Favorite History Wabash January Report of Exhibition Committee. His Visit to America, clara B Rees Obituary October In memoriam. Photograph July From The Presidentapos, slovaki" january B Section Happenings Jim Morris Sections photo essay in ASI 2008 Yearbook January Removing Embryos from Aril Seed Ken Walker Aril. Nathan Rudolph Photograph April bountry lilac Photograph July FC C" Harry, s Desk William, robins Rebloomers October Medians in Convention Gardens Keith Keppel Varietal Comments October Companion Plants in Brizendine Garden Mrs. Lilac ruffle" spellmake" louisian" milliken Awards March Registrations for 1934. Ninevet" yellow ruffles, apropos, dykes on Irises 197" hybridizing Hybridizers of 1979 TB AM winners were asked.

Saxton" Photograph January New Membership Campaign Glenn.Clarke Cosgrove President's Letter January Popularity Poll 1976 Tall Bearded Symposium January B William Rickatson Dykes Photograph January William Rickatson Dykes Biography January Medals and Awards Awards January Another Dykes Reprint - A Handbook of Garden Irises.


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"Danks, Shull, Cappeller Hill" Letters to the Editor Hybridizing-Charm-Stem Propagation April B Elmohr Photograph April "Unofficial Iris Symposium, 1943" "Smith, Kenneth D" Symposium Favorite- 089 09 B Prairie Sunset Photograph Photograph April Older Iris I Would Buy Again "Wills, Jesse E" Performance of iris Why.Earl Fraser, Jayne Overholser, Herbert Sherrod, Ben Hager, Joe Brinkerhoff" Photograph July B Gold Trimmings Photograph July B Vanity Photograph July B Bride's Halo Photograph July B Steve Varner Photograph Cherry Garden July B "Frank Stephens, Lucille Miller, Ellene Rockwell, Calvin Helsley, Ed Holloway" Photograph.Walter (Ada) Buxton,.”