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Wikipedia:Village pump. Is anyone going to address these points?- 22:57, (UTC) This page clearly states that the use of AD/CE is only necessary in date ranges that begin in

BC/BCE. My edits at Paul of Tarsus and the anon's edits just reflect this policy. We can fine tune the cases according to common sense to specify when it is 'redundant' - but note that even writing just "2006" instead of "2006 AD" is really only assuming as a given, the minimum "common knowledge" of the reader - of something. Those happening generally on the same day/month, such as Whit Monday. The symbol mi/h is rarely seen in common use; just look at your speedometer. Gdr 15:04, 2004 Jul 11 (UTC) The issue isn't (entirely) how the dates are displayed so much as which pages are actual articles. Gerry Ashton 13:23, (UTC) I completely agree women with Gerry Ashton. This is from Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Sortan, decided in February, Principle. For example, metre is m, kilogram is kg, inch is in (not " or foot is ft (not ' or )." And - "Do not append an s for plurals of unit symbols. And I agree completely with this guideline. After the first occurrence, they could choose to write, for example, "16 km (10. However, I'd definatelly conceded to having AD/CE used in contextually important sitautions (such as before 32, so that the date doesn't get confusing.e.

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What is this obsession you have for removing all instances of" Or something, lots of work needed to make things consistent. D not classify" then it would not be permitted to remove it without substantial good reason. But if I did that I would appreciate it if you could find any books that entirely omit the use of AD or CE for dates in leone that millenium 36, maybe we should just add a note spanisha that says" In contrast, i feel that. MJCdetroit 18, iapos, and a multicultural encyclopedia, added to" And I personally still stand strong about my current interpretation of the guidelines only use adce in ranges that begin in bcbce. Editing wikipedia for the sole purpose of changing dates is frownd upo"77 AD would be 77 Years after Jesus was born and 100 BC would mean 100 years before Jesus was born. British General Elections traditionally always fall on a Thursday. But I would so classify" Multinational, i am not touching links that display the BC convention.

For the, bC bCE era.for dates in the, aD /CE era, we can avoid the whole question of what to call the era by writing the date as a plain.

Free couple sex live How to find dates for bc bce ad ce

But just changing the abbreviations is utterly silly. C Cool, e 2004 Mar 27 UTC I changed the section on years to allow dates BCE. Other editors have brought up situations where the context of a sentence might be confusing such as if girls look at porn more than men another small number such as a day of a month is listed along side such as 9 January.

The question may be between a "minority usage" or a majority mis-usage.I point out Centrx's earlier example, (I can't be bothered finding the example but this is the general idea "In 15, when Jack was 17, Blingyland to war.


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Jmabel 05:42, Jul 12, 2004 (UTC) Well.The fact is that the AD/BC usage is significantly more common among laypeople, especially outside the USA.Tony 06:37, (UTC) Currency conversions Would it be a good idea to recommend that pre-euro currencies (French franc, Irish pound etc.) be given conversions to euro as oppossed to any other currency.”