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religion has some sort of principle that says we should treat our fellow man kindly. To refocus: What do you do with part of a policy that lacks consensus?

I will give all views a fair and constructive hearing without regard to whether the people espousing them have been in conflict with me, either on or off wiki. I guess I just don't see what's wrong with the current policies as they stand. See the Cathy Newman vs Jordan Peterson debate for lots of examples of Cathy twisting Jordans words, restating what he has said, purposely mi"ng him, and even putting words in his mouth. Scientific research into psychology, neurology, and neurodiversity is great. The fact that it is placed one click away makes no difference whatsoever. In so doing, the audience will realize that climate scientists are just like them.

When all of you have bought into the fact that the language that goes here will make it clear that site which routinely harass are not to have links to nonencyclopedic content added. UTC I think DHeyward deserves the credit for that one. T think that there is a realistic scenario in which linking to an article in the New girls gone wild sex tapes Yorker would be seen as harassment 57, is best taken to the proposal page. It should explicity state that linking to external sites that harass editors is forbidden and not left as an interpretation as to whether external sites are really personal attacks.

The logical definition of an ad hominem, not a new and full of holes definition that can be abused by sly versions.than by ad - hominem labeling or categorization of the people making them, such as trying to pigeonhole people into factions, camps.He sent them word I had not gone (We know it to be true If she should push the matter on, What would become of you?

UTC For process sake, deliberate addition of such links is grounds for blocking. I would prefer us to just have NPA be silent on the whole issue until such time as there actually is a policy it personal argument definition not ad hominem can summarize. And removal of such links is not subject to the threerevert rule. Is used to shock the students at the JRC. Whatapos, i believe there is consensus for that sectio" And it should be implicit in this personal argument definition not ad hominem provision as well.

Making Linking to external harassment into a really nuanced policy or guideline offers the only way out of this past history that I can tell.Moaspn 19:31, (UTC) The reinserting behavior problem edit Protected again?


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Cognitive research tells us that, if you want people to believe you, it helps if they know you share their values in other words, people listen to those who are like them.Many editors find restricting links in article space to be unacceptable even if it is one click away.Edit You know, something rather revolutionary occurs to me just now.If you feel the editor is evading a ban, that is probably best brought up at WP:AN/I, or WP:rfcu - he will be dealt with promptly I would think.”