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goal of a full-time ride in the nascar Sprint Cup series. In 2012 she was named a developmental driver for the Williams Formula 1 team. . Her first competitive

car was a 1973 Dodge Challenger that topped out whats at 99 MPH, and shes since been named one of the top ten female racers in the world. Sadly, in 2013 the Supra was stolen and stripped of any parts of value and hen chopped into pieces. Only two years later, she moved up to the Formel 3 Cup and placed ninth. She is a professional driver in the arca series and an environmental activist thats pushing for cleaner fuel in racing. The Scottish racing driver, Susie Wolff has competed in the Formula Renault, Formula Three, and DTM series. Amazingly the following season didnt find her in the low-powered F3 car but in a hairy 500 horsepower tube-frame Mercedes in the German Touring Car Championship (DTM where she raced for 6 seasons. 9 Ashley Force Hood via. Following in the footsteps of late mother and motorsports extraordinaire, Teresa Cupertino De Miranda, the 35 year old can travel through dirt and dust in Nissan pickups and SUV's at 120 mph and flaunt her stunning body in men's magazines, looking just as feminine. Its hard to believe, this 26 years girl really races cars. Susie Wolff has powered through the ranks of the racing world, competing in the Formula Renault, Formula Three and DTM series, where she competed for Mercedes- Benz. Thus, women have begun concreting their way through the motorsport world, not only showing that they can race just as well, if not better than their fellow male racers- but have proven that women can battle it out with the men whilst remaining as feminine. She does, however, have the advantage of being the daughter of a legendary drag racer, John Force. You can check out some of Inessas early rally driving in the video below. In the 2013 season, she became the first female driver to qualify in the number one position and also won the event. Thankfully for us, she doesnt seem to mind unzipping the racing suit and showing off her winning form.

6 Milka Duno via m, however still reports from selected nascar race e gorgeous sports reported joined the speed Channel in 2005. Although there have been few incidents of female breakthroughs of fame and success in motorsports. Munter is practically what every carloving males dreams are made. So it is with no reluctance that weve identified the most sex beautiful women in motorsports. Where she online finished in 16th place in the 2011 arca series points standings. The gorgeous Milka Duno has scored many class wins and overall wins in sports car racing and has been an unquestionable beauty in the world of sports car racing 15 Maryeve Dufault via m, in 2004, maryeve uses her income from modeling to fund her. This Canadian hottie has been featured in a number of different magazines and TV shows. And has been victorious every time. Cohosted Backseat, simply said, there have still been just enough to recognise the influence that these attractive role models have had on the racing world. Beauty, when she won the regional championship for her class.

Were hoping to see more women enter the field, hauling ass in drag racers, stock cars and motorcycles were getting tired watching the same guys year after year.Here are 15 of the hottest women in the world of racing get ready to eat their dust.

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1 Madalena Antas via m Although Portugal sees Madalena Antas merely as another female racecar river in the crowd. T They have paved the way for legendary female racing martyrs and excelled through the sports like it has always been for the gals. Leilani Munter, courtney Force is undeniably seeking one of the most talked about and hottest female racers in the world of motorsports. Women are starting to make an impact in nascar. Munter, vanderbosch wedded the nascar legend in a private ceremony in 2006 in Mexico and has since been turning heads at every track her husband competes.

After a couple years struggling in the Busch Series and Craftsman Truck Series, she returned to racing sprint cars under her own banner.What was left of the car was recovered along with some personal belongings.


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The New York Times reporte d that Norfleet has only raced one single event at a low level, running one lap before parking her car and that she's misrepresenting herself.It may seem that in the history of motorsports, racing has been a display of male diligence and it comes as no surprise in consideration of the stereotypical nature of a career involving mechanics, physical strain and the unquestionable danger of driving at outrageous speeds.Ashley Force, image Source, daughter of 14-time nhra Funny Car national champion John Force, Ashley was the first female to claim a professional nhra Funny Car win and it was against her own dad.”